We Built A Pergola

Pergola from side yard. Mymobilehomemakeover.com

As we have gotten older and our children have gone on to college and subsequently moved on to big people jobs, our life together has changed a lot. We’ve taken some great vacations, gone to Lollapalooza (IKR!!!), and started working out every day, to name a few of the changes. …

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Can I Paint My Mobile Home? Yes I Can!

Sooooo many months ago, I posted on our facebook page that we were getting ready to have our double wide painted.  People asked me to share our experience, and soooo many months later, I am finally getting around to telling you all about it! After 17 years of remodeling the …

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Reader Question- Windows

  Recently, a visitor wrote: Just beginning to remodel our 1983 Double wide. Haven’t read all your posts yet. We need to replace narrow windows with large ones or sliders to outside and new wraparound deck. Have you had luck with either of these projects yourself? great site, I look …

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DIY Flag Pole- Mr. McGee Takes Over the Blog

DIY Flagpole

Hi there folks! This week, Mr. McGee is going to take over the writing for MyMobilehomeMakeover.com.  I have posted pics of a starter garden in our front yard a couple of times in a gardening post here.  This garden has matured quite well and it was time to give it …

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Eight Thriving Plants For Your Yard- Mobile Home Landscaping

Lilies at MyMobileHomeMakeover.com

Ahhhh, finally!  Summer is here for us Northern folk.  It has been a really long Winter and we are in full swing here with our flower gardens.  We are a little bit later than usual with getting our veggies in this year, but I have faith that we will get …

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For Earth Day- Eco-Friendly Manufactured Homes

              Living in a mobile or manufactured home is a great choice.  Not only do you have a smaller footprint on the planet by not building a large, energy hog of a stick-built home, but you also learn to live more simply, accumulating less …

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Mobile Home Moisture- It’s Never Good News When It Rains Inside

“It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity!”  “It never rains, it only pours!” If I had a nickel for every time I said these things this year, I’d be a rich woman.  The amount of moisture in the air since the Spring has just overwhelmed our home and our ground …

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