Reader Question- Windows

  Recently, a visitor wrote: Just beginning to remodel our 1983 Double wide. Haven’t read all your posts yet. We need to replace narrow windows with large ones or sliders to outside and new wraparound deck. Have you had luck with either of these projects yourself? great site, I look …

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DIY Flag Pole- Mr. McGee Takes Over the Blog

DIY Flagpole

Hi there folks! This week, Mr. McGee is going to take over the writing for  I have posted pics of a starter garden in our front yard a couple of times in a gardening post here.  This garden has matured quite well and it was time to give it …

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From Mansion to Mobile Home- The Key To Happiness

Meet Tom Shadyac, director, producer, and screenwriter of movies like Liar Liar, Evan Almighty, Nutty Professor, and Patch Adams to name a few . Tom enjoyed a life of luxury in a multi-million dollar home in Pasadena. After an accident, he began rethinking his level of happiness in the world …

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Eight Thriving Plants For Your Yard- Mobile Home Landscaping

Lilies at

Ahhhh, finally!  Summer is here for us Northern folk.  It has been a really long Winter and we are in full swing here with our flower gardens.  We are a little bit later than usual with getting our veggies in this year, but I have faith that we will get …

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DIY- Furniture Solutions for Your Mobile Home-Entertainment Center

DIY Furniture at

One thing we all know about most mobile and manufactured homes is that space is at a minimum. When we choose to live economically, we also sacrifice in some ways, and this includes living without much storage for our junk treasures.  Many of our older homes have the infamous “built …

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Reader Question- Water Issues

Hello! I am a full time college student. I came across your site while doing research and think ur site is great! I am considering purchasing a mobile home instead of wasting money on rent. I do have some questions and concerns though. I was wondering…how do you maintain the …

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Giving The Throne The Royal Treatment- Final Mobile Home Bathroom Remodel

How many times can one room be redone?  When we first bought our home new, there was carpet in the BATHROOM.  Ugh…why do they do this?  So, almost immediately, after realizing that two young boys and carpet around a toilet do not belong in the same house together, we tore …

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The Evolution of the Mobile Home- Courtesy of Yahoo!

Evolution of Mobile Homes at

Here’s a little filler for your tiller today.  Yahoo actually did a little ditty about mobile homes! The gallery can be found at this link:  The Evolution of the Mobile Home A new post is coming soon, I promise.  The final bathroom remodel and a series on our recent living …

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For Earth Day- Eco-Friendly Manufactured Homes

              Living in a mobile or manufactured home is a great choice.  Not only do you have a smaller footprint on the planet by not building a large, energy hog of a stick-built home, but you also learn to live more simply, accumulating less …

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Contractor Pros and Woes- 10 Tips For Hiring Someone to Work on Your Manufactured Home

How many of you have used a contractor to do the work in your home?  We normally don’t.  Clearly, mobile or manufactured home owners have already made the choice to buy or live in an affordable home. This leads me to think that most of us are doing our remodeling …

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