Stuff We Love- Pumpkin Knob Kitchen Makeover

Are you ready for a quick and easy mobile home update? Recently, I wanted to switch things up a bit in our kitchen. We remodeled several years ago and it still looks great, but we found ourselves wanting a bit of an update for some new flair.

On a trip to Pier One several months ago, their ceramic knobs caught my eye, and I found several I really liked. However, most of them were priced from $4-$9! I needed 17, so obviously, this expense wasn’t going to meet my frugal needs. Once home, I started looking online for something nice, and alas! These knobs are exactly what I was looking for.

These pumpkin crown knobs were really inexpensive and really great looking! They came in two days, are bright, shiny, and durable. Plus, they installed in under 10 minutes. Imagine that. A kitchen makeover in UNDER TEN MINUTES!!! I was pretty psyched. Check out how they look in our kitchen!

Pumpkin Cupboard Knobs Pumpkin Cupboard Knobs Pumpkin Cupboard Knobs

Check these out on Amazon. They come in several colors, make a big difference in our space, and the price is just right. I love the red, as they match so many appliances and accessories in our kitchen. However, the dark purple (eggplant?) color is just begging for me to build a piece of furniture to use them on!

What simple quick fixes have you done in your home that improved its look in just a few minutes for little or no cost? Have you tried these knobs? We’d love to hear your ideas. Please share in the comments!

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  1. Darren and Beth! Really love your site and recommendations. I wonder can you share some tips on mobile ready appliances? I am new to the world of tiny living and have found some options on a few sites for compact refrigerators (like this site), but would love to hear your experience on compact appliances and which brands you prefer.

    • Hey Elizabeth! Thanks for your comment. We haven't any experience with compact appliances. We are considering building a tiny house on our back acre, though, and we're looking at a great compostable toilet available at Home Depot for about 500$. I'm sorry that's all I have on this topic.
      Thanks for visiting our site!

  2. We live in a double wide – 20 x 60 ft. It had been completely updated with new wiring, pipes, appliances, paint and flooring before we bought it. The only things we did ( been in it for 9 mos.) was install pull out shelves in the kitchen (3 lower cabinets) for our pots and pans. The next item was spice shelves on the french doors to the pantry. Spices all in alpha order, cooking supplies on remaining shelves. Am thinking about pull out shelves in the pantry so we can get to the items in the back.

    • Thanks for visiting and commenting, Barbara.

      It sounds like you've got a very organized kitchen! You're very lucky to have new pips and wiring. I would love to have both. We are considering running new water lines this summer and re=sealing the underbelly of the home and putting new insulation in the floor as well. But, new wiring likely won't happen any time soon. Your kitchen sounds fantastic!

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