Video of the Month- Bathroom re-do- No more wall strips!

Check out this video we’ve chosen for our Video of the Month. A nice, low cost bathroom remodel with removal of wall strips. Some easy alterations here to keep within your budget. There’s a lot you can do with existing features by resurfacing rather than replacing. I like the way they have reused their current elements and just resurfaced them, plus adding newer elements like shower bars and fixtures. This room looks so clean and lovely now. Great job!


  1. where did you ever find a tub to fit our space our is 27" wide 54" long wall to wall

    • Hi Diana,
      Thank you for visiting our site!

      The tub we installed is a 32×60" tub. We tore the wall behind it out and built another, allowing about 6 more inches of space behind the tub. It wasn't difficult. Once the wall was out, we simply framed a new one and installed the plumbing behind it, then put the new tub and surround in place.

      I hope this helps!

    • Thanks, Julie. I checked out your blog. I hope to see some new posts about your new home soon. Good luck with your projects!

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