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New Coat of Paint



  1. What a pretty little cottage.

  2. Looks great. The contrast of the Regal Plum and Ivory Brown works.

  3. Hey, love the colors of your house, what are the names of the paints and colors that you used? Thanks

    • Hi Sharon! The paint is as follows:

      Shutters: Behr Ultra Base 4853 Ultra Exterior Flat Matte
      #1002-7A Regal Plum

      House siding: Behr Ultra Base 4854 Ultra Exterior Flat Matte
      #6006-1C Ivory Brown

  4. I luv the colors of the shutters as well as the color of the mobile home.

    • Thanks so much for visiting and taking the time to comment, Brenda. We really love how the paint job came out. I recommend using the process and the products we used and are mentioned in our post. We're past the one year mark now and we had a terribly harsh Winter and a really wet Summer last year. The paint has held up beautifully. Good luck with your projects!

      The McGees

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